Social media is something that companies need to adhere to, as they help any brand create a strong brand presence and Image. Digiligo assures delivery of the most engaging and creative social media strategy for all brands.


Stop marketing, doesn't mean you stop your marketing activities! It means stop boring your customers with the same old content, get them engaging. They should be happy and eager to take a look at your promotions. Digiligo can assure 100% Customer engagement on all social media platform.

“Stop Marketing  
Start Engaging”

Scott Stratten

Dedicated area for social media team to monitor and engage in social conversation around their brand and market

Real-time monitoring of trends around customer engagement, marketing efficiency, Campaign Performance and risk management

Integrated Dashboard makes it effortless for senior executives to evaluate the social health of its brand at a glance.

LED Screens to display Real-Time Social Media Data, Global Heat Maps,  live streaming tweets

Enables Listening to Conversations, Publish relevant content and appropriate Social Media related Metrics

Boost engagement and sales

Listen to Mentions and Online Conversations

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