The Lead Generation Conundrum

Some people do it right in their first attempt, while for others, it takes a few mistakes before they get the hang of it. For some, though, it just doesn’t seem to work. Like most things in business, finding the sweet spot of digital lead generation is something that requires effort, time and a whole lot of patience.

In this post, I write about the reasons why digital lead generation fails or doesn’t yield the expected results, and what we can do to make it work for you.

Hitting the right target

This is the first, and the most important aspect of digital marketing - targeting the right audience. In fact, this is the preliminary work that goes in before you even begin your digital marketing efforts. It is necessary to get your target audience right because otherwise, everything that you market will go in vain. But this is also the easiest step to go wrong with. That can happen for a number of reasons - inaccurate market research, a skewed understanding of the brand, and ineffective placement of the brand in the market.

The Lead Generation Conundrum

In the data-hungry world today, there is no dearth of information about your customers. There are a plethora of options available when it comes to analytic tools which bring a vast amount of knowledge about your target audience. When all this data is used properly and you channel the right posts and content to the right people, your business will achieve wondrous results. There is plenty of techniques and technology to enhance sales and drive home new customers every day. It is up to the skilled digital marketer to use these cleverly and efficiently.

Building your online presence

Let me put it to you in the simplest way I can - your online presence is increasingly considered as a direct indicator of your credibility as a brand. The stronger your presence, the more you are perceived as a brand worthy of sometime’s time and money. Actively coming up with new and interesting ideas to engage with your customers is key to making your online presence more noteworthy. In short, post relevant, updated, and good quality content, consistently.

The Lead Generation Conundrum

The power of going digital gives customers the space to have their opinions heard and responded to. The ease with which a customer can tweet a single opinion and sway other customers’ attitude is both scary and extremely exciting at the same time. It can be scary because there is the possibility of a disgruntled customer posting a negative review, which might make others think twice. On the other hand, there is also the satisfied customer who can post appreciation and make others want to check your brand out. Going digital offers power to both you and the customer.

This is more than enough incentive for brands to work towards having more loyal followers who are engaged and feel like they have a say in the brand’s commitment to them. This is exactly what you achieve when your social media marketing game is ace!

Riding the wave of trends

A great way of getting people to notice your brand is staying on top of the latest trends and creating your own posts in line with those trends. But many people fail to do that. It is definitely not easy. You can’t possibly relate a brand that sells clothes to, say, the rise and fall of Bitcoin prices if that’s what is most trending at a certain point in time. But one can definitely stay on top of what’s trending within their own industry/area of service. This would help you target and reach customers who are specifically interested in the kind of services you offer, and would, therefore, get their attention and interest.

It is also an indicator of the “life” of the brand. If you regularly follow the same things your target audience does and share your ideas, views and concerns regarding those same things, then customers can find your brand relatable, and hence, would naturally tend to like you more.

Understanding your competition and yourself

Everything that I’ve written so far points to making your online presence felt so that you get more leads. This factor is something that is absolutely necessary to make sure that this online presence we are talking about is truly a reflection of your brand and its philosophy. Understanding your competition, their achievements and failures along with a clear-cut understanding of exactly what you want your brand image to be online are essential to make sure your brand is projected in the right way.

Keeping an eye on your competitors and being up-to-date on their campaigns and activities would help you plan and develop your own strategy. When it comes to digital marketing and content creation, there is scope for creativity even with the least creative brand profiles. Investing in good creative talent can yield impressive results.

Up your conversion game!

You’ve managed to create awareness, hold your customer’s interest and now they’re on your website or social media channel. You’re just one step away from converting the lead into an actual customer. How do you get this step right? By making sure that you give the customer something of value in exchange for their information when they fill the form out.

People wouldn’t give away their contact details to you if they don’t think you provide them something that they’d actually be interested in and want. It is also imperative that you have your sales team in place to make use of the contact information that you receive from your digital marketing efforts to the best possible effect and convert them into paying customers.

We, at Digiligo, offer all of this and much more, with our end-to-end digital marketing solutions. Drop in your requirements to and our team will get in touch with you to discuss further.

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