5 Digital Marketing mistakes you could make!!

No one is perfect in this world and everyone makes mistakes. People, Companies, Firms, Start-Ups, Governments and every living thing learn from their mistakes, knowledge is the outcome of a mistake.

And the same way mistakes can be made while taking up digital marketing initiatives for your company be it a start-up or a big firm. Below are the simplest of mistakes that most people or companies avoid looking at and directly jump into a conclusion of starting an SEM campaign. Yes! SEM is a very effective form of internet marketing that brings huge traffic to your website for the targeted keywords, but is traffic just enough? Why are companies not able to convert their traffic into a customer base?

No Digital Strategy:

Most companies that opt digital marketing either don’t have a strategy or a very vague strategy. This is because of the thought that Digital Marketing is just about putting in some money and building traffic for your website, having a few social media pages to display a few articles, achievements and images!!

A poll ran by smartinsights since 2012 shows that only 50% of companies had a digital marketing strategy integrated to its marketing strategy or documented separately, while the rest 50% were going digital but there was no defined strategy.

Everyone going digital should have a strategy, a path and a plan of what, how and when they want achieve digital success or they will: be directionless, losing market share to competitors and start-ups, have a low value proposition, no understanding of online customers…etc.

A lack of Passion:

Many companies that take up digital marketing initiative make rational decisions without considering the emotional and monetary benefits they can provide. Your customers always want relate to the product or service emotionally, and if you are not emotionally invested your customers will also not be.

Creating an online brand takes a lot of hard work, it means to connect to your customers emotionally and understand what provides them satisfaction. Passion comes from within and you need to be an enthusiast about your company and the brand that’s being created.

Not undergoing basic SEO:

Search engine optimisation, to be honest the first step anyone should take after creating and publishing a company website or for anyone going digital! Once you have published your website or have taken up the digital initiative you will need to make sure you are shown on the search results (Google, Bing, yahoo etc…) so people can see your website and interact with it.

If you don’t take up SEO your competitors will get most of your business if not all, potential customers might be lost, search engines won’t know you and will not rank you at all and finally you won’t get website visibility and traffic.

So you decide! SEO or No SEO?

Creating less content or not improving previous content:

Here is another mistake! Many companies might have few content in their website and an abundance of images, the problem here is that when users visit your website all they are seeing is images and content that give a rough idea about your company and its products or services.

You will need different types of content to connect with different types of customers, a website with different quality content with the right amount of it earns the most traffic and customers.

Maybe you have a website which has different high quality content that caters to different customers but are you amplifying or improving those content? Same old content doesn’t work always, people need to see new content on your website, and that’s how you keep your customers engaged, interacted and interested in whatever you are selling. High quality content that is amplified or improved often decreases your websites bounce rate and increases the user’s interaction time.

Forgetting about using Analytics:

Analytics is such a beautiful tool, it provides a complete background report of your websites traffic. You understand where your traffic comes form, how long they interact with your website, where did they drop out, from which location are they surfing and what got them to your website. Analytics provides a complete flow chart of your website visitors and their activity.

Not using analytics can put you into a situation where you have completely no idea about your traffic or your visitors. The problem that you will face if you are not using analytics are you won’t be able to optimise your website content, offers, images, SEO & SEM settings and finally your landing page.

You need to be able to track your results in order to determine if they are effective or not and accordingly make strategic changes.

So if you are making these 5 simple mistakes avoid them!! And see what happens to your taffic and ROI's, am sure its going to make a change.

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