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Ashwin Baburao, Founder at Beatworx

The real deal, they have a great team with aggressive execution strategies. Digiligo has grown our revenues by 30X in the last few years we have worked with them.

Sahil Gupta, Founder at Inflens

Amazing team to work with. They managed to get us revenues from the Digital ads of up to 7x against our Ad spend.

Highly recommended!

fun FACTS about us

digital MARKETING solutions


Build your organic ranking and improve website traffic


Lead generating search ads and landing pages


Highly converting GIF, Still image & Video ads over high traffic websites


Complete Social media advertising and optimization to attain high user engagement


Ideas, solutions and growth hacking strategies to nurture your brand

digital TECH solutions


Analytics that will give you deep insights on customer behavior, website traffic, heatmap user clicks and scrolls


Command Centre, Mention Tracking, Sentimental Analysis, Heat-mapping and Online reputation management

why should you DIGILIGO


Innovation and creativity meet to help businesses reach out to the ideal customer.


Brands come alive through stories that melt, amuse and make you think. 


Simple yet brilliant visual elements to captivate audience and drive brand messaging.

#Startup Challenge

Because we could all use some help in the beginning!

Conceptualised keeping young start-ups in mind, this PoC based model is great to explore digital, unique to your business needs.


In pricing, in time and in pretty much everything else, we know there can't really be a "one solution fits all" approach to different businesses. That's why we are super flexible!


From the induction till the exit, every process is openly and transparently available for all parties.


High precision optimisation for lasting growth in reach, traffic, and clicks with improved ROAS.


Yes, we consult too, if that's all you are looking for!

We work on various levels over different verticals to direct and grow clients by optimising the use of their own workforce.

Our SMAC Professionals, Google Certified Digital marketing team, Digital technology solution architects and R&D Tech team will bridge the gap between digital and business growth using Digital technology and Digital marketing solutions


With our wide capabilities in analytics, digital technology, and digital marketing there is a guaranteed result for every campaign. Quality work at a cost that suits your budget. 

On time delivery, barring competitors and a multi-focus digital initiative that not only improves revenues but builds a premium brand


Social Intelligence Command Centre 

A digital technology solution that helps clients track online conversations, mentions, and sentiments around your brand and the industry. Create breakthrough digital and content strategies based on customer brand passion. Understand your industry trends from a social perspective and spy on your competitors to identify where they stand in terms of digital and online brand presence. 

Digital Edge

Paid marketing, search & display marketing, social media marketing and optimization, search engine and website optimization, web analytics & heat mapping, content marketing & strategy, executed cost-effectively over multiple platforms. Digital marketing solutions and Digital technology solutions for today and generations to come!


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Most agencies run digital marketing campaigns and events without understanding the role or the importance of web analytics. Here at Digiligo, we have professionals who are experienced and certified in Multiple analytical platforms. The analytic tools that our company uses will provide you with in-depth insights into geographical and demographical data, customer behavior and engagement, user flow, traffic analysis, user experience, and finally a graphical representation of website user data.

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